Andy's first broadcast of Happy Hour With Andy Schneider was in December 2015. The show began as a way to rejoin his friends and fans across the nation in a cyberspace party.. a happy hour held across the country!

America is his hometown

Andy Schneider has, at one time or another, called nearly every square inch of the United States his home. From the farmtown where he was born to Nashville to New York, he's taken his music everywhere and taken some of the music from each region, too. When asked to reflect on how his travels influenced his music, he states, "I loved the Austin, Texas blues sound, so I moved there and learned the blues. The Midwest taught me rock and roll and New York showed me how to put an edge on my art."


"I want Happy Hour to be a celebration of art, music and fun in America. While we come from so many diverse backgrounds, isn't it funny that everyone will laugh at a talking cow?"


Andy has spent most of his life touring and performing across the country. At major festivals and hometown celebrations, his favorite part of life is seeing America. "Happy Hour began as a way to catch up with my friends across the country, playing music and joking around with them just as if I was there. It's such a gas to have people from another time zone tuning in, and talking to me during the show. Technology is a great thing."


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